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Brekkie & A Drink Deals at Victoria Taps

Rise and shine, people! 🍳🍻

Here at Victoria Taps we've found the unbeatable food and drink combo, and you can grab it for an absolute steal. So come get in on the real breakfast of champs with a brekkie sandwich complete with a cheeky pint. Perfection.

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*£1.50 price based on draft pint of standard larger (may vary on the day) One pint per person when purchasing a full meal item (including brekkie butties)

Breakfast buttie and a pint of Amstel

Brekkie Butties

The perfect way to jumpstart your day. Just choose your filling and go to town.

🥓🍳 Bacon, Egg & Cheese (653 kcal)

Just Sausage (621 kcal)

Just Bacon (520 kcal)

Veggie Sausage (V) (573kcal)

Whether you're a meat lover or prefer a veggie delight, we've got the perfect morning bite to satisfy your cravings. Pair it up with your choice of pint, and you've got yourself a winning breakfast combo!

Visit us at Victoria Taps and make your mornings in London even better.

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